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About Me

I am Boris Schmid, and since 2010 I have been working on the epidemiology and ecology of plague. My background is in theoretical biology and the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases.

Before I started working on plague, I worked on chlamydia spreading through sexual contact networks and the adaptation of HIV to the human population after its spillover from wildlife.

You can reach me by mailing to science at A scientific CV is available at ORCID.

About Plague

Plague is one of the best-documented diseases out there. The disease has distinct symptoms (the buboes) and is present in the bloodstream when you die. Therefore, we can trace its history through ancient DNA analysis and historical sources. We now know that the plague has been with us for at least 5000 years in its bubonic form.

Thanks to experimental work and wildlife surveillance programs, we also have a wealth of epidemiological and ecological knowledge about the disease.

About Clojure

I work predominantly in Clojure. The simplicity of the language and its design have made it my preferred language since 2009. Besides its java library interop, its native libraries have been getting better and better over time. I use Oz for visualization and Neanderthal and Fastmath for computations and neural networks.

About this Website

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